The Piano Teacher’s Package

*practical steps to start your own piano studio*

Do you want to become a piano teacher?

Do you wish you had the resources to start your own piano studio?

I’ve created the perfect tool to provide you with the basics to start teaching piano! Have you noticed the huge lack of information people are willing to share when it comes down to the “nitty gritty” of building your piano studio? This needs to change! I want you to have all the information necessary to begin building your own unique studio. The Piano Teacher’s Package helps you get started the right way by walking you through how to set up and design your own approach to teaching piano.

This package is for YOU if

  • You’re interested in becoming a piano teacher, whether you would like to teach 2 students or 40.
  • You’re already a piano teacher, but want a clearer vision for your studio and/or feel a little lost when it comes to small, yet vital details like advertising, creating studio policies, choosing method books, etc.
  • You’re a seasoned piano teacher who would like to gift it to your older students to encourage them to teach piano on the side- whether it be for a flexible side job, to pay off school or credit card debt, or to teach a few family friends the beauty of music.

We will discuss creating an attractive studio, choosing a method book, advertising online as well as in person, creating a registration form and studio policies, resources to help you become a better teacher, and so much more! There are also worksheets inserted into the package. Please take the time to work through those questions. This will help you to process and brainstorm your perfect studio. My desire is to help you feel confident as you step into this crazy, yet beautiful adventure!

Click HERE to order the PDF version of “The Piano Teacher’s Package.”

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