Music Clubs

Aside from teaching piano, my next favorite thing would be hosting music clubs! Joining my music club is the perfect way for your child to get a taste of how fun and awesome music can be!

Here are some things they’ll experience during their music club meetup’s:

  • an introduction to types of instruments and genres of music
  • improved rhythm skills
  • boosted confidence levels
  • opportunity to grow their friendships
  • learn new songs
  • enhance creativity through art, DIY rhythm instruments, and music composition
  • learn foundational music concepts
  • enjoy music and movement in a group setting

There are 2 options for how it works!

1st Option: Put your own group of kids together, ranging from ages 6m – 5 years old, and reach out to me. I will come to your home and bring all the necessary instruments, activities, music resources, etc. with me. All you need to do is show up!

Each Music Club is 6 weeks long with weekly 1/2 hour meetup’s. You can have anywhere from 4-9 kids attending! I recommend splitting the cost between your group.

Pricing is a flat fee for all 6 weeks and is dependent on how many children will be there:

  • 4-5 kids: $200
  • 6-7 kids: $230
  • 8-9 kids: $260

Here are the upcoming dates:

  • Summer Term (week of August 16 – September 20)
  • Fall Term (week of October 11 – November 15)

My music clubs are perfect for in-home daycares, nanny’s who meet up together, friends in a neighborhood, and anyone who wants to grow their children’s friendships.

2nd Option: Join a music club that I host from my home. You’ll make new friends and enjoy music and movement together. My in-home music clubs usually consist of 4-6 kids each and are 6 weeks long! I invite anyone ages 6m-4 years to join.

It costs $60 per kid for all 6 weeks. My next available in-home music club will be the week of June 13 – July 18, 2021!

Want more info? Join my private studio/music club Facebook group to get the scoop on all the important upcoming dates, forms, sneak peeks, and more!

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