Music Clubs

Aside from teaching piano, my next favorite thing would be hosting music clubs! Joining my music club is the perfect way for your child to get a taste of how fun and awesome music can be!

Here are some things they’ll experience during their music club meetup’s:

  • an introduction to types of instruments and genres of music
  • improved rhythm skills
  • boosted confidence levels
  • opportunity to make new friends
  • learn new songs
  • enhance creativity through art, DIY rhythm instruments, and music composition
  • learn foundational music concepts
  • enjoy music and movement in a group setting

I host music clubs for young children:

  1. Babies Music Club (ages 6m- 2 years old)
  2. Kiddies Music Club (ages 3 – 6 years old)

Each Music Club is 6 weeks long with weekly 1/2 hour meetup’s. Each club could have 4-6 children attending! Join my Facebook group to find out the latest info for my Music Clubs! There you can find dates, registration and policy forms, and other important details. Hope to see you soon!

Create Music – Inspire One Another